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Wilfrid Beevors Stansfield (1920 - 2004)

Parents: Frederick Stansfield and Julia Elizabeth (Christian aka Barnes 1911)

Born: 24 Oct 1920 Portsmouth
Died: 4 Nov 2004 Nottingham

Mary Joan born 1922
Margery Joyce born 1924
Charles Frederick born & died 1926
Charles Arthur born 1927
Geoffrey Albert born 1933

Marriage  24 Dec 1949 to Dorothy Robinson (born 8 Mar 1925) at Manchester Regiment Chapel, Manchester Cathedral

Andrew Bernard (self) born 1951
Martin born 1955
Judith Margaret born 1957
Christopher born 1963

- 40 Brampton Terrace, Great Houghton, Yorks
- May to Aug 1944 Padgate Vicarage, Lancs.
- c1950 to c1954 6 Loring Street, Newton Heath, Manchester
- c1954 to 1961 217 Coppice Road, Higher Poynton, Cheshire
- 1961 to c1966 5 Gimson Avenue, Cosby, Leicestershire
- 40 Brooklands Road, Cosby, Leicestershire
- 2 Wells Mount, Upper Cumberworth, Yorks
- 16 Woodsend Close, Nottingham

- c1937 part-time student at Barnsley Mining & Technical College
- c1938 Assistant Chemist at "a large coking and by-product plant attached to a large colliery producing 3000 tons of coal a day".
- c1939 Won 1 of 2 annual West Riding of Yorks County Coal Mining Scholarships, awarded for studies in either Mining Engineering or Fuel Technology. WBS chose the latter and had just started at Sheffield University when war was declared in Sept 1939.
- 1941 Chemical Inspection Dept., Royal Ordnance Factory, Risley, nr Warrington. Deployed to ROF Risley by Ministry of Labour because registered on the Ministry's Technical & Scientific Register despite "expecting to join the army within 6 weeks". The MoL controlled civilian worker movements & student exemptions from conscription.
- 1941 After starting at ROF Risley, WBS became an ordinand of the Diocese of Manchester while serving at Risley "because the bishop had liked my work of officiating everySunday at St John's Mission Church at Bruche, Warrington in the absence of a curate".
- 1942 Nitro poisoning. ROF Risley, High-Explosives Laboratory as one of 18 chemists working in the HE Lab, supposedly on rotation to avoid excessive periods of contact with toxic materials. As fellow chemists became ill, the others had to absorb their workload & contact periods became longer & longer. WBS spent 18 months in this lab, becoming quite ill. Typical symptoms included skin discolouration, nausea, migraines & stomach/bowel problems.


Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates yet to to be added.

Occupation (continued)
- 1941 to 1944 Also whilst at ROF Risley.....Studied for the General Ordination Examination by correspondence with Wolsey Hall, Oxford.
- May 1944 Transferred to Sutcliffe Speakman, Leigh, Lancashire, as a Research Chemist, staying at Padgate Vicarage.
- cAug/Sept 1944 WBS records that his "system had already absorbed too much toxic material & I was being sick at work. My boss....decided that I should be discharged on medical grounds". This occurred just before WBS was due to sit his ordination exams at Lichfield.
Oct 1944 WBS sat six 3-hr ordination examinations at Lichfield Theological College (only as the chosen examination centre - he did not attend the College as such). Four more exams were due to complete the ordination process, which WBS intended to sit in June 1945. After sitting the first 6 exams, now with no income, the Principal found a room for WBS & allowed him to study with the other students for the next term.
- Dec 1944 Lichfield Theological College closed. After studying at the College for a term (albeit unofficially - he does not appear in student records) WBS had to cease his studies as the College was closed (temporarily as it later turned out). WBS, with nowhere else to go, returned to the family home.
- 1945/1946 Barnsley Mining & Technical College, Dept of Commerce. Part-time lecturer in statistics, elementary book-keeping & commerce, maths.
- Sept 1946 Released from National Service.
- Oct 1946 Sheffield University. Returned to complete his degree.
- June 1948 Graduated from Sheffield University.
- June 1951 Fuel Technologist for unnamed consulting engineers, probably Kennedy & Donkin
- 1961 - ? Worked for English Electric, Whetstone, Leicestershire
- Teacher at ???
- Lecturer at ???
- Retired

Other facts
Wilfrid’s middle name has been attributed to the surname of a family friend, but could also have been a friend of Frederick's from the Navy. The Beevors family stretches back to at least 1627 in Felkirk (the adjacent parish to Darfield where Frederick grew up) and where the Stansfield family lived for several generations dating back to before 1556.

- England & Wales, Death Index 1916-2005
- England & Wales, Birth Index 1916-2005
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- Family papers

Genealogical protocol demands that data concerning any persons still living should not be published in the public domain. Therefore no further information on me or my siblings wil be added to this website at this time.

My thanks to researcher Joanne Backhouse for her collaboration and guidance regarding the Stansfeld family and Calderdale.