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David Stansfield (1812 - 1899)

Parents: David Stansfield and Ann (Cutt)

Born: baptised 9 Aug 1812 at Royston
Flourished: 1845-1891
Died: 1899 Thurnscoe

Hannah baptised 1803
Charles baptised 1804
Samuel baptised 1805
Ann baptised 1810
Isaac baptised 1816
Mary baptised 1818
John baptised 1819
William baptised 1821
Sarah baptised 1823

Marriage #1 to Ann Taylor 24 Aug 1845 at Rotherham Parish Church. (Ann also had two children from her previous marriage.)
Children from marriage #1 
John born 17 July 1846
Sarah born 3 Nov 1848
Alice born 1 Mar 1851
Seth born 12 Oct 1853
Amos born 20 Apr 1856
Mary born 5 May 1860
Note: all the above dates are from Birth Certificates. These are not baptism dates.

Marriage #2 to Martha Ellis 1887 at Thurnscoe

Children from marriage #2

6 June 1841 Census: Billingley
24 Aug 1845 Kimberworth, Rotherham
Note: probably temporary residence for wedding, as Ann was from Kimberworth.
17 July 1846 Billingley
3 Nov 1848 Billingley
1 Mar 1851 Billingley
30 Mar 1851 Billingley
12 Oct 1853 Billingley
20 Apr 1856 Darfield
5 May 1860 Storrs Mill, Cudworth
7 Apr 1861 Lower Cudworth
2 Apr 1871 Billingley
9 Mar 1878 Billingley
3 Apr 1881 Billingley
1887 - 1889 Chapel Fields, Thurnscoe
5 Apr 1891 Chapel Fields, Thurnscoe
1892 - 1899 Thurnscoe

24 Aug 1845 Farmer at time of first marriage
Note: why David styled himself a farmer at this time is a mystery, unless it was just to create a better impression. He had two older brothers, Charles b.1804 and Isaac b.1816, both of whom continued to run the 7 acre farm after David senior's death in 1846. Isaac ran it at first, together with his mother, then Charles took over after Isaac who died in 1860.
17 July 1846 Labourer
3 Nov 1848 Labourer
1 Mar 1851 Labourer
30 Mar 1851 Agricultural Labourer
12 Oct 1853 Boat Hauler
20 Apr 1856 Agricultural Labourer
5 May 1860 Agricultural Labourer
7 Apr 1861 Agricultural Labourer
2 Apr 1871 Agricultural Labourer
9 Mar 1878 Labourer
3 Apr 1881 Road Labourer
5 Apr 1891 Road Labourer

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(Above) 9 Aug 1812 David son of David Stansfield baptised at Royston (Royston PRs).

(Below) 24 Aug 1845 David Stanfield and Ann Taylor marriage certificate.


(Above) 20 April 1856 Amos Birth Certificate.

(Below) 8 Aug 1887 David Stanfield and Martha Ellis Marriage Certificate.
Note how the 's' in the middle of Stansfield has been crossed out.


(Above) 1899 David Stansfield Death Certificate.

(Below) 1900 Martha Stansfield (nee Ellis) Death Certificate.


Questionnable evidence

Possible conviction (or, perhaps less likely, it was his father David)
(Below) 9 Jan 1843 Sentenced at Sheffield Quarter Sessions to three months' imprisonment with hard labour in the House of Correction for stealing hay.


At the time this avenue of research was carried out, now some 30 years ago, the unravelling of the history of the 7 acre farm in Billingley proved crucial to understanding this extended family, the descendants of which now extend as far as Australia.

30 Mar 1851 Census: three Stansfield households now in Billingley.
a) Schedule 23: 7 acre farm with Isaac, mother Ann, her grandsonJohn. 
b) Schedule 36: David jnr, wife Ann (nee Taylor), John, Sarah,Alice. 
c) Schedule 8: at Billingley Green, John, wife Mary, Emma,George.

7 Apr 1861 Census: just one Stansfield household now in Billingley.
Charles, farmer of 7 acres, and Ruth with sons Isaac, labourer, and John. 
David and Anne had moved to Cudworth. John and Mary had moved to Doncaster.

2 Apr 1871 Census: three Stansfield households in Billingley once again.
Schedule 14: farming 7 acres, Charles & Ruth, son Isaac.
Schedule 33: their son Thomas & Eliza (nee Denmar), Sarah Ann, George.
c) Schedule 3: having moved back again, David and Ann (nee Taylor), Seth, Amos,Mary.

3 Apr 1881 Census: now four Stansfield households in Billingley.
Schedule 15: farming 7 acres, Ruth and son Isaac.
Schedule 4: David and Ann (nee Taylor) and granddaughter.
Schedule 36: Ruth's son Thomas and Eliza (nee Denmar), George, William.
Schedule 27: Amos and Frances Harriet (nee Miles), William Arthur, Beatrice.

Note: ages and years of birth are often inaccurate on early Census Returns.

6 June 1841
Address: Billingley, Yorkshire
Registration District: Ecclesfield
Note: Ecclesfield Registration District was only created in 1837 and ceased to exist in 1850.
Name                             Sex  Age    Born    Where Born
Stansfield, David         M     60      1781      Yorkshire
Stansfield, Ann            F      55      1786      Yorkshire
Stansfield, David         M     28      1813      Yorkshire
Stansfield, Isaac          M     20      1821      Yorkshire
Stansfield, Sarah         F      16       1825     Yorkshire
Stansfield, John          M      1        1840     Yorkshire    (Grandson?)
Stansfield, William       M     20      1821      Yorkshire 

30 Mar 1851
Address: Billingley Green, Yorkshire
Registration District: Barnsley
Name                           Age     Born     Occupation            Where Born
Stansfield, David       38      1813      Agric. Labourer     Royston, Yorkshire
Stansfield, Ann          32      1819      Wife                          East Ardsley, Yorks
Taylor, Maria                  7      1844     Step-daughter      Morley, Yorkshire
Taylor, Sofia                   7      1844     Step Daughter       Morley, Yorkshire
Stansfield, John          4      1847                                        Billingley, Yorkshire
Stansfield, Sarah         2      1849                                        Billingley, Yorkshire
Stansfield, Alless       1mth 1851                                         Billingley, Yorkshire 
7 Apr 1861
Address: Lower Cudworth, Yorkshire (Civil Parish)
Ecclesiastical Parish: Monk Bretton in Royston
Registration District: Barnsley
Name                          Age    Born      Occupation               Where Born
Stansfield, David      49      1812      Agric. Labourer        Billingley, Yorkshire
Stansfield, Ann         42      1819      Wife                             EastArdsley, Yorks
Stansfield, John       14      1847      Farm Servant            Billingley, Yorkshire
Stansfield, Sarah      12      1849                                           Billingley, Yorkshire
Stansfield, Alice         9       1852                                          Billingley, Yorkshire
Stansfield, Seth         7       1854                                           Billingley, Yorkshire
Stansfield, Amos       4       1857                                           Darfield, Yorkshire
Stansfield, Mary      11mth 1861                                           Cudworth, Yorkshire

2 Apr 1871
Address: Billingley, Yorkshire
Registration District: Barnsley
Name                          Age     Born     Occupation             Where Born
Stansfield, David      58      1813      Agric. Labourer       Billingley, Yorkshire
Stansfield, Ann         52      1819                                          East Ardsley, Yorks
Stansfield, Seth        16      1855                                          Billingley, Yorkshire
Stansfield, Amos        4      1857                                          Darfield, Yorkshire
Stansfield, Mary        11       1860                                         Cudworth, Yorkshire

3 Apr 1881
Address: Billingley, Yorkshire
Registration District: Barnsley
Name                          Age    Born      Occupation                             Where Born
Stansfield, David      65      1816      Labourer on roads                 Royston, Yorkshire
Stansfield, Ann         63      1818                                                         Wakefield, Yorkshire
Naylor, Elizabeth      10       1871      Scholar (granddaughter)      Ardsley, Yorkshire

5 Apr 1891
Address: Thurnscoe
Registration District: Doncaster
Name                          Age   Born    Occupation             Where Born
Stansfield, David      73     1818     Road Labourer       Royston, Yorkshire
Stansfield, Martha   73     1818     Wife                           Cawthorne, Yorkshire

Note: the age given in early census returns is often incorrect, sometimes because of poor memory, but also because people were simply not surrounded by the documentation we are subjected to today. The year of birth is generally extrapolated from the age given in the census during the process of transcription, so it does not corroborate the age given in the census.

My thanks to researcher Joanne Backhouse for her collaboration and guidance regarding the Stansfeld family and Calderdale.