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Joseph Stanfield (1712 - )

Parents: John Stanfield and Mary

Born: baptised 27 April 1712 Ackworth as Joseph son of John Stanfield junior
(incorrectly transcribed as Oldfield)
Flourished: 1737-1746
Died: unknown

John baptised 7 Nov 1707 Ackworth
unknown sister bapt. 1 Mar 1709
Grace bapt. 6 Nov 1709 Ackworth
William bapt. 1715, died 1716
Mathias bapt. 10 Mar 1716
Benjamin born and died 1721

Marriage #1 to Ann Hague 27 Dec 1737 at Wath on Dearne. Ann died 1743, probably as a consequence of childbirth, and her gravestone can still be found at All Saints, Darfield.

Children from marriage #1
Samuel bapt. 1739
Mary bapt. 1740 (appears to have had a daughter Anne, buried 20 Dec 1768 at Darfield as daughter of Mary of Billingley)
Richard born and died 1743, buried with his mother Ann at Darfield

Marriage #2 to Mary Bullas Jan 1744 at Darfield. Mary was buried 1 Jun 1746 at Darfield as Mary wife of Joseph of Billingley.

Children from marriage #2

Unaccounted for in this period
- July 1709 Mercie Stanfield of Ackworth married Thos Moseley of Wragby at Ackworth
- 25 Feb 1744 John Stanfield married Eliz England at Bolton-on-Dearne

Other facts
John bapt. 1707, sibling and heir to their father, seems to have continued the link with Felkirk, quite possibly continuing to live there and certainly having several children baptised there.

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(Above) Baptism of Joseph son of John Stanfield junior 27 April 1712 at Ackworth.

(Below) Joseph Stanfield's marriage to Ann Hague 27 Dec 1737 at Wath on Dearne.


(Above) Joseph's first wife Ann (nee Hague) was buried 9 March 1743 at
All Saints, Darfield. Her gravestone reads: 

HERE Lyeth y body of Ann y Wife of Joseph Stanfeild and also Richard his Son

Ann's gravestone is noteworthy. It is very short in stature, only protruding about 18 inches above ground. At first, the churchyard's re-landscaping was thought to have raised the ground level, partly swallowing up the headstone. However, the inscription appears to be virtually complete, with just part of the bottom line not quite visible. But there is an additional aspect to Ann's gravestone: the reverse side has another inscription, for the burial of Edward Thornlah. This is highly unusual and, thus far, lacking an exlanation.

The only conclusion I can reach is that, firstly, one of the families opted for a headstone which the stone mason had broken, thus saving money and, secondly, the two families opted to use both sides of the headstone as an additional way of reducing cost.

(Below) The reverse side of Ann's gravestone.


My thanks to researcher Joanne Backhouse for her collaboration and guidance regarding the Stansfeld family and Calderdale.