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John de Stansfeld son of Roger (c1172 - )

Parents: Roger son of Warin and Amabella

Born: c1172
Flourished: c1194      
Died: unknown

Peter de Stansfeld
Elias de Stansfeld

Marriage: unknown

Other facts
First person to be born as a 'de Stansfeld'.

- Dodsworth MSS cxvii fol. 156v
- Dodsworth MSS cxvii fol. 159v


It is recommended that you first read the Introduction and Lancashire Origins pages before proceeding any further, as these detail our only evidence for John de Stansfeld, to be found in the Dodsworth MSS of the Bodleian Library and the images of which cannot be reproduced here due to copyright restrictions.

John son of Fergus de Stansfeld (which I believe to be an incorrect transcription of Roger de Stansfeld) is referred to in a record of about 1194:

(Undated, but written in or before 1194) Grant: John Talvas to Thomas his son, a fourth part of the township of Skircoat and the demesne land of Copley. Witnesses: Jordan son of Askelfi (Essolf) de Thornhill; Hugh de Eland; John son of Robert de Crombwelbothom, militibus; John son of Fergus (presumed Roger) de Stansfeld; Andreae de Langfeld. Seal: 4 arrowheads with a ? posy (Dodsworth MSS cxvii fol. 159v).

The Dodsworth MSS also record Richard son of John de Stansfeld together with his cousin Richard son of Elias de Stansfeld in about 1250  (Dodsworth MSS cxvii fol. 156v).

Supporting evidence

John's brother Elias son of Roger de Stansfeld is recorded as a witness in a quitclaim dated as 'early 13th century' (West Yorkshire Archives, Calderdale SU/B:11).

There is also a precisely dated record of John son of Elias de Stanesfeld witnessing a lease in 1238 (Yorks Deeds Vol 2 p157).

My thanks to researcher Joanne Backhouse for her collaboration and guidance regarding the Stansfeld family and Calderdale.