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Richard de Stansfeld (c1200 - )

Parents: John de Stansfeld & unknown

Born: c1200
Flourished: c1230-c1250       
Died: unknown

Siblings: unknown

Marriage: unknown

probably Ralph c1232

- Dodsworth MSS cxvii fol. 159v
- Dodsworth MSS cxvii 156v
- Yorks Deeds Vol 5 p123 #327
- Yorks Deeds Vol 7 p123
- Lancs Record Oficef DDTO K 24.9
- West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SU.B.11


Probably the earliest evidence of Richard de Stansfeld, possibly dated 1220-1230, can be found in the Dodsworth MSS cxvii fol. 159v in the Bodleian Library. Dodsworth records that Richard was a witness to a grant by Jordan Talvas to Hugh de Copley. Sadly, these notes cannot be reproduced here due to copyright restrictions.

Elsewhere in his notes, Dodsworth has recorded an undated quitclaim, transcribed as follows:

Richard son of Elias de Stansfeld quitclaims and gives to Richard son of John de Stansfeld all rights which (he held) in all lands at one time (held by) John son of Peter de Stansfeld in the township of Stansfeld.    Witnesses: John de Thornhill, John de Eland, Robert de Eland, Henry de Hipperum, Michael Talvas (Dodsworth MSS cxvii 156v).

Another undated quitclaim is held by Lancashire Record Office, transcribed as follows:

Thomas son of William de Wurthestorne to Richard de Stansfeld my lord and his heirs for one mark of silver which he gave to me, one half bovate of land in Stansfeld that to wit which I before held of Richard (Lancashire Record Office DDTO K 24/9).

A further quitclaim dated as 'early 13th century' is held by West Yorkshire Archives and was witnessed by Richard, transcription as follows:

1. Thomas Francis, son of John of Wadsworth

2. Ellis of Broad Bottom

Property: land in Wadsworth, including parcel called Falgiderode
Witnesses: Richard of Stansfield, William clerk of Longfield, Ellis son of Roger of Stansfield, Adam of Wadsworth, Adam de [Redik] and Richard Calvar
(West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SU/B:11).

Richard also features as a witness in Yorkshire Deeds Volume 5 #327 p123 and in Yorkshire Deeds Volume 7 #358 p122-123, neither of which records are dated.

My thanks to researcher Joanne Backhouse for her collaboration and guidance regarding the Stansfeld family and Calderdale.