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John Stanfield (c1650 - 1722)

Parents: John Stansefeld son of Cotton and (possibly) Elizabeth

Born: c1650
Died: buried as 'John Stanfield senior, husbandman' 14 Feb 1722 at St Cuthbert's, Ackworth

Cotton 'of Havercroft' died 1715, buried 8 May 1715 Felkirk

probably to Grace Emerson 4 Nov 1672 at Hemsworth
(Grace wife of John Stanfeild was buried at Ackworth 9 Jul 1704)

Other facts
John is not listed in the 1672 Hearth Tax return for Ackworth, nor for Shafton, South Hiendley, Ryhill, Havercroft, Brierley, Cudworth, or Hemsworth.

- West Yorkshire, England, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1512-1812
- Ackworth Bishops' Transcripts
- Felkirk Bishops' Transcripts

John #1 baptised 18 Dec 1671 at Ackworth If the date for Grace's marriage and for this baptism are correct, John #1 would have been illegitimate. The baptism record would normally indicate that, which it doesn't. I suspect a dating error in the BTs transcriptions. In any case, John appears to have beeen an infant death, as another John followed soon after. Alternatively, John #1 could have been from a different family - in which case, again, it doesn't matter as my line is through John #2 via his son Joseph.

probably Robert baptised 23 Aug 1673 at Ackworth, heir, and later recorded as a husbandman and separately as a yeoman, buried 1732 at Ackworth.

John #2 baptised 24 Sep 1675 at Ackworth. Referred to as John junior at his own son Joseph's baptism in 1712. Called his first daughter Grace after his mother. Died of consumption, buried 23 Sept 1747 at Ackworth. Occupation at death: labourer (same occupation also recorded at the births of each of his three sons).

possibly Thomas Stansfield baptised 18 Oct 1678 at Ackworth as 'son of John'

Unaccounted for in this period
- 20 Nov 1689 William Stansfield buried Ackworth
- July 1709 Mercie Stanfield of Ackworth married Thos Moseley of Wragby at Ackworth

(Above) 4 Nov 1672 (possible dating error) John Standforth (sic) married Grace Emerson at Hemsworth.

(Below) 18 Dec 1671 (possible dating error) John's son John (#1) Stainfeld baptised at Ackworth, seemingly dead by the time of the baptism of John (#2) in Sept 1675.


(Above) 24 Sept 1675 John (#2) Stanfield baptised Ackworth.

(Below) 9 Jul 1704 Grace wife of John Stanfeild buried Ackworth.


(Below) 14 Feb 1722 John Stanfield senior, husbandman, buried at St Cuthbert's, Ackworth.


My thanks to researcher Joanne Backhouse for her collaboration and guidance regarding the Stansfeld family and Calderdale.